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Part-time lawyer, full-time awesome.

Part-time lawyer, full-time awesome.


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Well this week, it’s my pleasure to bring you Skii Chung, Editor of Popspoken. It’s always cool to meet people who are promoting the local happenings of Singapore – and its even better that they are providing coverage on the stuff that needs it. Don’t be intimidated by her picture – she’s really friendly and nice! She also gets plus points (5 million bro-points, to be exact) for actively promoting collaborations and curating the best Singapore has to offer.

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Give us a brief introduction about yourself.

I constantly feel like I’m in-between phases. Maybe that’s why I need to keep myself occupied, if not I would feel empty or restless. I try to do things that give me perspective and seek solace in art, fashion, literature, film, poker, music, theatre, people and nature.

What’s going on in your life at the moment?

Currently, I am undergoing my training contract with Drew & Napier LLC to become a full-fledged lawyer. In my free time I take on the role of Editor at, an online news site.

On the side, I immerse myself in the arts as and when I can. I’m always game to take up adhoc projects. For instance, I designed the album cover of my friend’s band Amnesia Haze, painted murals at cafes along Haji Lane such as Piedra Negra and Blu Jaz.

Tell us a little more about Popspoken, and what inspired it.

Popspoken is an online entertainment news site that covers anything relevant to the Singaporean who wants to be in ‘the know’ of the latest happenings in fashion, arts, food, entertainment, the hottest parties etc. My business partner Shah came up with the idea a year ago when it caught my eye, and since then the team has evolved and grown to what it is today.

We try our best to provide articles with ‘oompfh’, and not a mere rehash of the PR media release. Most posts are either critical reviews or have an element of personal touch. We host giveaways as well and our lucky readers have won passes to concerts by Russian Red, Greyson Chance, fashion shows, theatre productions like God of Carnage and many more.

This is made possible because of the continuous output by a team of talented writers. Most of the Popspoken curators are my friends from law, life or school, so it feels very much like family.

Covering media events is indeed exciting! It is a great avenue for stress relief when work/school-life becomes overbearing. Picture friendly chatter over fizzly-bubbly drinks and meeting like-minded individuals.

Fun aside, Popspoken is the perfect platform for ideas and opinions to be heard. I believe that everyone should have a chance to be heard. Random voices are most welcome. In fact, we have published works of those who write to us sporadically!

Where do you see Popspoken heading in the next 5 years?

When Popspoken first started out, it was the passion for writing that fuelled the growth of the site. We sought to keep our posts objective and insightful – steering clear of sponsored posts. After registering the company a few months ago, and being listed as one of the publication’s on Singtel’s “News loop” app.. I do hope Popspoken will grow in both depth and breadth of coverage.

Popspoken now welcomes collaboration with sponsors that are in line with our brand vision. Hopefully in the near future, we will be able to pay our writers and have a cosy space where everyone can work from!

What’s a word or phrase you feel describes Popspoken best?



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